Designing mountain bike parts from a consumer experience

MAXPRO BIKE began to produce affordable products and worked hard to interact with customers to create the next potential product to drive more innovative futures. In addition to the perfect and durable products, the company also provides complete after-sales service and convenient LINE@ online customer service consultation, and provides technical and warranty assistance guidance with retailers on a regular basis.

As long as there is enthusiasm, there is no end to the goal - on the hillside mountain road, enjoy the gravity-accelerated speed, the pursuit of the limit, the cliffs and cliffs accompany me, MAXPRO decides the endless curve.

MAXPRO BIKE understands the limits of speed and safety to its destination - creating quality bikes that many people can afford, and the uniqueness and sophistication that bikers embrace.

With numerous indexed mountain bike parts, MAXPRO BIKE has developed a range of progressive components to accommodate MTB, Downhill and Freeride outdoor enthusiasts.


Although MAXPRO BIKE is a relatively new brand in the industry, it will have a subtle influence on brands in the market in the near future. MAXPRO BIKE develops and delivers a range of quality products with a dedicated team dedicated to its work, working tirelessly and guided by the enthusiasm shared by customers - loves mountain bikes and surpasses everything.

Currently, MAXPRO BIKE is working hard to produce a more diverse product line and include more Taiwanese distributors to help MAXPRO BIKE products penetrate the Taiwan market. MAXPRO BIKE believes that in addition to sports and adventure, mountain bikes are the best conduit for environmental protection and self-challenge.
Aware of the structural changes in global warming and transportation - MAXPRO BIKE is committed to providing more support and confidence to Taiwanese drivers, conquering mountains, embracing the Earth and fulfilling their most challenging self-fulfillments.

If you have any concerns or questions about our products, we are never too far away.

To be able to make sure that everything is in perfect condition, we strongly recommend that all your Maxpro components be serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. We are committed to servicing all our components the best we can, always equipped with top-of-the-line tools, bicycle knowledge, and years of expertise. If you choose to personally work on your bike, we encourage you to always don protective gloves and wear safety glasses before taking up the task. As we do have strong information and servicing communications programs to keep in constant contact with our dealers, we urge you to first call your nearest Maxpro distributor to resolve any questions you might have or any servicing you may need for your Maxpro products. Again, we absolutely recommend that you contact your dealer before servicing any Maxpro BIKE product. For any questions, please email keiciewu@yahoo.com

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